May 12 ,2015 | by Thiago Kiwi

Business organisations call for action from Sajid Javid

Business organisations

British businesses have already outlined what they hope new Business Secretary Sajid Javid will prioritise.

The UK welcomes the appointment of Sajid Javid by David Cameron as the new Secretary of State for Business, but he’d barely put a foot through the door before the business community begin setting out their priorities.

Mr Javid, who has been an MP since 2010 and held the post of culture secretary pre-election, has said he’ll also look to use his experiences as a managing director at Deutsche Bank to help direct the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

Since taking up the role, the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC), the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and manufacturer’s organisation, the EEF, have all looked to congratulate Mr Javid’s new appointment and lay out their wish lists for him.

Director-general of the CBI, John Cridland, said Mr Javid was “an excellent Treasury minister” and that he “will be a strong voice for the business community”.

"As an immediate step, we want the government to set out a clear business plan for its first 100 days, including getting the deficit down, finding new ways to deliver public services and committing to the Airports Commission's final decision this summer," he added.


Hopes for airport expansion

Expanding airport capacity seems to be a hot topic among business leaders, as both the BCC’s John Longworth and the EFF’s chief executive Terry Scuoler have voiced their hopes that the government will deliver on the new airport hub.

Trade was also another important issue, with Mr Longworth stating that one of Mr Javid’s biggest priorities should be: “Kick-starting a revolution in exports, to get more companies trading around the world.”

In addition, Mr Cridland also held boosting trade, exports and investments in companies vital in order to “drive growth and create jobs up and down the country”.


The EU referendum

But it was Mr Scuoler who spoke out most strongly on what direction he thought Mr Javid should be steering British businesses in.

“The new secretary of state will also play an important role in any EU negotiations and in the forthcoming referendum and I am sure [Mr Javid] understands that the vast majority of businesses he will now be representing in government want Britain to remain at the heart of a reformed Europe,” said Mr Scuoler.

It’s certainly been an action-packed first day in office for Mr Javid, as he’s announced “significant changes” to strike laws should be expected from the Conservative government and assured the BBC that the government is not declaring war with them when it appointed John Whittingdale as culture secretary.

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