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Birmingham growth hub secures £1 million BIS funding package

Birmingham growth hub secures £1 million BIS funding package

A growth hub based in Birmingham has secured a £1 million funding package to enable it to provide more support for local businesses to help them to grow.

The Greater Birmingham Growth Hub received funding from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) to expand its programme and offer “greater levels of expert knowledge” to businesses.

The hub offers businesses a free service, providing information and support through advisors both face to face and online. With the funding, the hub will be able to continue its support programme for another two years.


Since its launch just five months ago, the hub, which is run by the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership, has provided support for over 2,000 businesses across the region.

Many businesses have expressed their interest in joining the programme, with the hub receiving over 500 enquiries last month alone.

Manager Ian Mclaughlan said that the number of enquiries received has “really started to gain momentum”, adding that it is “great news” that the Growth Hub has managed to secure funding to enable it to continue for another two years.

Expert knowledge

Mclaughlan went on to discuss the funding from BIS, stating that it will be used to “develop the amount of support available”, which will enable the hub’s partners to offer “greater levels of expert knowledge” to local businesses.

He added that he is keen to ensure that key industries in Birmingham, such as the manufacturing sector, are provided with more support. 

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