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Programme Delivery

The Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Diploma is divided into 5 areas of business, allowing you to allow your professional talents to be matched by benefits which only knowledge of business can provide. Each area is covered by between 3 and 4 hours of video training, tailored to the creation of a successful enterprise and encouraging the entrepreneurial qualities that other studies may not fully provide. At the start of each intake period students will gain a 3 month access to the video tuition modules on the InterActive platform.


You will be assessed on your progress at the end of the course in the form of a short proposal in which you will write a short pitch for a business venture in your relevant field. You may also choose to reflect on a similar project that you have worked on in the past and explore how what you have learnt on the Entrepreneurship training might help you improve on your previous experience.

Write your proposed business venture or experience in a short essay (around 600 words), which you will submit via the InterActive platform. Students should submit their essays for assessment by the end of the first week in the last month of their intake period.

The assessment is pass/fail, and you will be informed of your grade via the InterActive platform at the end of your intake period. Following upon the successful completion of your assessment you will be mailed your diploma certificate.

Key Facts

EED will be available for enrolment anytime from October 2011

2 months

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