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Programme Structure

The Arts Enterprise Diploma consists of the following six modules:


  • By exploring branding and development, unique selling points and methodical market analysis, you will learn how to disseminate art as a product into appropriate environments


  • Focusing on Art Entrepreneurial innovation, as well as creativity and marketing, you will learn how to identify and grasp business opportunities.

Technology & Media

  • This module discusses increasing public awareness through social media and online digital distribution and thereby developing an effective online presence

Personal Finance & Tax

  • You will learn how to improve your financial management skills through and introduction to accounting and taxation.

Events Management & Law

  • We prepare you for holding conferences, meetings and exhibitions through this module on events planning and risk assessment.

Once you have completed all modules you can choose to complete the assessment and apply for a diploma certificate upon successful completion or pass.


  • To design a proposal of your own business venture in a short essay and submit it via the InterActive platform.
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AED will be available for enrolment anytime from October 2011

2 months

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