Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Diploma Online

Providing around 15 hours of HD video training in business education, the Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Diploma (EED) developed by the London School of Business & Finance is aimed at anyone wishing to either build their own business or simply get a foot on the career ladder. EED gives both students and professionals the chance to improve their professional skills that will allow them to realise their potential in the working world.

Whether at rest or in a rush, you can study EED through the InterActive platform at your own pace, at the times you choose, and if you missed something, you can go back and watch again.

InterActive provides the highest quality of lectures from business leaders, celebrities and from top LSBF tutors. The entrepreneurship diploma provides the tools required to make yourself and your business model stand out in today's competitive professional environment.

About Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Diploma

In partnership with LSBF, InterActive is proud to provide the Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Diploma, a short online entrepreneurship course in starting up your own business and finding work, and is committed to providing continued and more substantial business training to budding entrepreneurs via future programmes.

The Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Diploma (EED) is a crash course in strengthening and improving your career. EED provides an awareness of the potential for success and growth within a certain sector in a language and style application to professionals of various types. Committed to providing continued and more substantial business training to budding entrepreneurs, freelancers and job-hunters, the entrepreneurship training  is a unique opportunity to utilise an online platform especially designed to give students and professionals the skills they need to make their talent, creativity and skills work for them.


EED will be available for enrolment anytime from October 2011

2 months

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