Living in Manchester
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Undergraduate Student Experience - Living in Manchester

As England's third largest city, Manchester really is the ideal place for students to live and study. It offers a unique and lively combination of architecture, against a bustling backdrop of modern business, popular attractions and a wide variety of leisure facilities; including some of the UK's finest bars, pubs, clubs and cinemas.
The city was at the very heart of the industrial revolution in Britain, before heading up a cultural revolt some 100 years later, when it became a famous city, known for its vibrant music and art scene in the 1980s and 1990s.


Study in Manchester with LSBF and benefit from a truly international education at our centrally located campus. Work towards success alongside students from 150 countries, and be exposed to a wide range of cultures on a daily basis. You will also receive expert schooling in a diverse city that boasts a rich history, and plays home to people from almost every possible religious and cultural community. Manchester has become a melting pot of culture in recent decades, and it offers you the exciting opportunity to realise your potential in a cosmopolitan learning environment in which you'll interact and study with individuals from many different backgrounds.

As well as rich history; largely centred on music and art, Manchester also boasts a strong business reputation, with some of the most prominent global organisations on its doorstep, and one of the strongest economies in the world.

Shopping in Manchester

Catering for both fashion and music fans, Manchester is home to some of Europe's most charming boutiques, shops, galleries and crafts centres. Boasting the likes of King Street and St Ann's Square, both bursting with exclusive boutique shops and designer stores, the modern Trafford centre is also just a short bus ride away from LSBF, in the West of the city.


In addition to popular clubs, pubs and bars, Manchester's array of museums and galleries reflect its rich culture and history. You only need to look at its picturesque skyline, to see its remarkable range of unique and beautiful architectural styles. Manchester really is a mix of modern, contemporary, Georgian, Roman and Gothic and it caters for all tastes and pursuits. War enthusiasts have the award winning Imperial War Museum North; voted in the top 4 Visitor Attractions in England 2010, while heritage buffs have the opportunity to visit the gothic wonder that is the John Rylands Library. Get a taste of history at the air raid shelters in Stockport or simply marvel at the artistic master pieces in Manchester's city centre galleries, including The Whitworth art gallery, The Cornerhouse and the world-famous Lowry Centre in Salford.

Sports fans will also be attracted to Manchester for its major sports connections; as it plays host to two of the world's most recognised football teams – Manchester City and Manchester United. Both clubs offer unique tours of their stadiums.

Business in Manchester

With some of the largest global organisations on its doorstep, and the world's strongest economy, Manchester is one of Europe's largest business cities. It lies at the heart of one of Europe's main metropolitan areas (Greater Manchester); lending to the cities standing as a major commercial and business centre.

As the world's first industrialised city, Manchester's economy features 65 of the FTSE 100 companies. In addition to this, as well as being a legal and financial hub, it is also now synonymous with the media, higher education and commerce. Back in 2006, it was voted the UK's best city to locate a business, before becoming the second most popular business destination in 2010, and the twelfth best city in Europe, making it the ideal location to immerse yourself in a world-class business education.


When it comes to nightlife, Manchester really does cater for everybody. From the sprawling party district of Oxford road, to the charming boutique bars and restaurants in the Northern Quarter, the city really does come alive at night. Home to a large student population, it offers an array of student friendly venues offering inexpensive dining and drink. For those who are looking for a quiet bite to eat, there are a whole host of ornately decorated bars and restaurants overlooking Deansgate locks.

Natural Beauty

It's a little known secret that this city is home to 138 parks, gardens and open spaces, 40 allotments and as many as 25 nature conservation sites, all offering the perfect break from city life. Manchester is also proud of its Medlock and Mersey River valleys, leaving you spoilt for choice.

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Living in Manchester

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