Living in London
This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet LSBF staff, get information on LSBF courses and student services, whilst experiencing Central London campuses first-hand.
London School of Business and Finance Sceptre Court, 40 Tower Hill, London, EC3N 4DX, United Kingdom

Undergraduate Student Experience - Living in London

Deciding to study in London means you will get to experience one of the most inspiring and diverse cities in the world. With the most yearly international visitors and over 300 languages spoken, it is a place where everyone can feel at home.

Arts & Culture

London is one of the most significant cities globally and is the ideal place to study because learning will not stop in the lecture room. Renowned arts and historical centres like Tate Modern and The British Museum allow you to explore the world through a unique perspective.

Social Life

Our modern campuses are ideally situated to take advantage of London's commercial and cultural influence. Being centrally located also means that an assortment of lively round-the-clock bars, restaurants and landmarks are a moment's decision away.

Financial Capital

All the largest companies have a presence in London as it is the world's joint largest financial centre. Consequently, LSBF campuses in London offer you the unique opportunity to study in an enjoyable and highly business focused setting.


Studying in London connects you to other parts of the world geographically and technologically. With 4 major international airports, London has one of the best flight connections in the world meaning your family and tourist spots are never too far away. Also, because it is a city at the forefront of technology, students are able to procure course and career relevant electronics at significantly lower prices.

Start in September 2016

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Living in London

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