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EU Student Funding

Studying in the UK is less expensive than you may think, particularly as you may be eligible for financial support. This could come in the shape of a scholarship or bursary from us, a loan from EU Student Finance, a loan or scholarship from your home country.

Whether you are able to secure a scholarship, student finance or government support will depend on your nationality, country of residence and your chosen programme. Of course, you should apply as early as possible to ensure you get the help you require.

If your home country is in the European Economic Area (EEA), or you are Swiss, you can also work in the UK without restrictions to fund your studies (see full conditions here).

EU Student Finance loans

EU Student Finance loans

Students who enrol for the full-time HND in Business course in London may be eligible for EU student finance loan.

Czech Republic

Homo Sapiens Sapiens*

*Eligible: sons, daughters and orphans of professionals employed in the public/state-owned sector

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Choose your scholarship and then email the completed corresponding application form to your programme consultant or scholarship@lsbf.org.uk

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