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“Our partners share our ethos of leadership and excellence in business. Together we champion LSBF as a first choice destination for students.”

Aaron Etingen, CEO, LSBF

London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA)

London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) is the new division of London School of Business & Finance (LSBF), delivering specialised, industry-relevant courses designed to launch your career in fashion and the arts.

LCCA was founded on the vision of creating a professionally-focused environment in which to develop career-specific technical knowledge and skills. At the heart of LCCA is LSBF’s experience in preparing students for individual excellence through our unique, highly-relevant programmes. You will graduate as a dynamic professional with a global perspective.

We provide creative, relevant and industry-focused programmes through an educational experience that defies curriculum boundaries and connects different levels of learning. LCCA offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well diplomas and short courses across four academically and vocationally-focused schools. You will develop into an enterprising and innovative individual with the drive and skills to shape your future.

At LCCA we value creativity, innovation and passion. That’s why we provide you with the space to develop as well as introducing you to exciting placement, networking and job opportunities. We recognise the value of solid foundations but we are not afraid to update, reinvent, renew or collaborate with leading external organisations for your benefit.

We share LSBF’s focus on developing cultural awareness and diversity. As a result LCCA boasts a truly broad, diverse and dynamic learning environment in which to realise your potential.

LCCA offers the following programmes:

Undergraduate courses
Foundation Diploma in Contemporary Contexts
HND 3D Design
HND in Creative Media Production
HND in Fashion & Textiles
HND in Interactive Media
HND in Photography
HND in Performing Arts

Postgraduate courses
Postgraduate Certificate in Fashion Forecasting
Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Pattern Cutting and Fashion Design
Postgraduate Certificate in Fashion Branding and PR
Postgraduate Certificate in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing
Postgraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Family Business
Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship
Postgraduate Certificate in Multimedia Public Relations
Postgraduate Certificate in Mass Communications
Postgraduate Certificate in Financing an Entrepreneurial Business
Postgraduate Certificate in Branding in Architecture
MSc Fashion, Design and Luxury Management

Tourism & Hospitality Diplomas
L4 Diploma in Tourism Management
L5 Diploma in Tourism Management
L6 Diploma in Tourism Management
L7 Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management

Short courses
Digital Photography for beginners
Darkroom Photography for beginners
Fashion & Editorial Photography
English for Tourism & Hospitality
Creative Pattern Cutting
Introduction to Sewing
Portfolio Preparation
Professional Portfolio Production
Digital Graphic Design with Adobe Creative Suite-Beginners
Fashion Make-up Techniques
Photographic Workshop series
Introduction to Jewellery and Accessories Design
Jewellery & Accessories Design
Functional Interior Design
Functional Interior Decoration

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