Transfer students
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Transfer Students – Undergraduate Courses

Transfer students are those who have successfully completed one or more years of study at another institution and wish to transfer academic credits to one of our courses delivered at LSBF.

At LSBF, we can offer you the opportunity to enter directly onto the second or third year of one of our undergraduate degree courses. The number of places for new students is limited and entry is very competitive, so we advise that you know about entry deadlines and funding/bursaries deadlines when applicable.

Each transfer application is considered on its own merits by our Academic Board; however there are some general documents that we use to assess each transfer. Please find the list below:

  • a) Your academic credits – These are the grades shown on the transcripts of your previous institution. This should include an explanation of any non-standard grading systems. Please note that we can only accept credits from comparable courses.
  • b) Academic references and personal statement – Within this document you should include the reasons for the transfer and why you want to study at LSBF.
  • c) A copy of your previous programme syllabus – This will show us how similar your previous programme syllabus is to your selected undergraduate programme at LSBF.

If we are not able to offer you a place on your preferred undergraduate programme, an alternative offer may be made. You could be offered a Foundation Programme or HND in Business as alternative studies. Please contact our Admissions Department if you have any questions about the transfer process.

How to apply for a transfer?

Transfer students need to fill out the Undergraduate Application Form and follow the application procedure as it is described in the How to Apply section.

Please ensure that your application is completed in full, and make sure you include a scan of your official transcripts, syllabus and academic references. You can find a list of the other supporting documents that you may need to attach in the first and last page of the Undergraduate Application Form.

Once we are in receipt of all the supportive documents, your application will be sent to the Academic Board for consideration. Please note that your application will not be considered without the full documentation. Failure to provide these will delay the progress of your application and may eventually result in your application being withdrawn.

If you have any questions regarding the transfer process, you can always contact our Admissions Department on or call us on +44 (0) 203 005 6202