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David Williams
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"The staff at LSBF were tremendous, offering valuable, relevant support and advice focussed on passing exams which I have used in my subsequent studying. These valuable skills are also transferable into my professional work.“

CIMA Revision

LSBF's CIMA revision programmes are designed to focus on your exam preparation and ensure you go into every CIMA exam with ultimate confidence. They will cover the detailed CIMA syllabus, using past exam questions to explain examination techniques and help you maximise your exam score.

Our highly experienced tutors will help you better understand what the examiner expects, enabling you to score more marks. Furthermore, state-of-the-art classroom technology, extensive libraries, free Wi-Fi and student common rooms give you the perfect environment for revision.

You can attend our evening classes or revise anywhere, anytime online through our innovative learning platform, powered by InterActive.

Revision Dates: April, October
Campus: London, Birmingham, Manchester
Study Modes: Evenings
Timetables: CIMA Revision Timetable

CIMA qualifications are open to everyone, so your entry level will depend on your previous experience. Exemptions can be granted if you hold a relevant degree or a relevant professional qualification. For example, AAT membership offers exemption from the whole Certificate level. We advise you to check your starting point with CIMA, so that you can obtain written confirmation of your exemption status. Contact us today on 0207 823 2303 and we will explain you the process to follow.


Book by the 10th October 2014 to benefit from the following offers:

  • Book 1 revision paper- get £60 off
  • Book 2 revision papers- get £120 off
  • Book 3 revision papers - get £180
  • Book 4 revision papers - get £300 off or a Microsoft Surface Tablet

Lecturers are assigned to classes according to their schedules. Please refer to timetables for full details on revision classes.
This offer is only applicable to CIMA revision papers for Operational, Strategic and Management level students. The MS Surface is available in lieu of the £300 off, while stocks last. This promotion has not been endorsed by Microsoft. Surface is a trademark of Microsoft, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Offer expires on 10/10/2014.

Start in October 2014

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