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David Williams
SPV Finance Manager for ETDE FM Ltd

"The staff at LSBF were tremendous, offering valuable, relevant support and advice focussed on passing exams which I have used in my subsequent studying. These valuable skills are also transferable into my professional work.“

Learn About CIMA Qualification

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a UK professional accountancy body whose focus is on the training and qualifying of accountants in business. It represents financial managers and accountants who work in industry, commerce, not-for-profit and public sector organisations. Its key activities are related to strategies for use within business.

CIMA's aim is to provide a valuable qualification for students, to support members and employers, and protect the public interest. CIMA has over 88,000 students and 70,000 members in 161 countries. CIMA's focus on management functions makes it unique, and it is internationally recognised as offering the financial qualification for business. CIMA works with leading employers in the UK and around the world to train and qualify financial managers. CIMA prides itself on the commercial relevance of its syllabus, which is continually enhanced to reflect the latest business developments.

LSBF has worked very closely with CIMA to provide quality programmes. LSBF is one of the few CIMA Learning Quality Partners in London.

Want to speak to a Programme Advisor?

Our programme advisors provide one-to-one advice on all weekdays from 9am until 6pm, or from 9am – 8pm on our open days. We will be happy to meet you during these times at our campus in Holborn. Alternatively, call us on 0207 823 2303 during these hours or email us on info@lsbf.org.uk.

Important Information, Terms & Conditions

҂To be eligible for £1,400 off, students must book 14 papers together (excluding CIMA T4 paper). The student will then get £100 off each paper. LSBF will start giving £100 off per paper only when students book a minimum of 6 papers (£600). The MS Surface is available in lieu of the £1,400 off, while stocks last. This promotion has not been endorsed by Microsoft. MS Surface is a trademark of Microsoft, registered in the U.S. and other countries. This offer expires on 20/01/2014.


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