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CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing

The CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing programme modules are:

Unit 1 - Marketing Essentials

  • The nature and scope of marketing
  • Planning within the marketing context
  • The marketing mix

The aim of this unit is to provide a detailed explanation of the key theories and practice behind marketing as an exchange process and a business function, but also as a means of creating customer value in the short to medium term. This unit introduces individuals to the importance of the marketing planning process and the role of marketing across the organisation.

The unit also aims to provide knowledge of the key marketing tools to support an innovative range of marketing activities. Students will be taught the nature and implications of the use of marketing tools as both independent tools and tools that are often integrated to maximise the impact of the marketing proposition.

On completion, students should be able to explain how to utilise all elements of the marketing mix and how they can be co-ordinated to create a value proposition that reflects the organisation’s objectives.

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Unit 2 - Assessing the Marketing Environment

  • The nature of the organization
  • The micro environment
  • The macro environment
  • Undertaking a marketing audit

The aim of this unit is to provide an understanding of the nature and scope of the internal and external marketing environment with broad consideration of the impact of international and global marketing.

The unit seeks to provide an overview of the significance of the marketing environment within the confines of the PESTEL model, but with consideration of issues including environmental and economic sustainability.

The unit addresses the key characteristics of the marketing environment and assesses the impact of market forces that are uncontrollable and how an organisation responds to them. At the same time, some consideration should be given in terms of how the factors within the micro and internal environment can be manipulated to the benefit of the organisation and its customers.

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Unit 3 - Market Information & Research

  • The importance of marketing information
  • The role of databases in information management
  • The nature of marketing research
  • Research methodologies
  • Research tools

This unit focuses on the importance of marketing information in gaining a more in-depth understanding of both the market in which the organisation operates and the customers it seeks to serve.

It aims to provide an understanding of how marketing information supports marketing decisions within the organisation and how information contributes to the overall marketing process. The unit explores different research methodologies and encourages consideration of complementary approaches to collecting a range of market and customer information.

The unit also considers the role of databases in information management, the nature and scope of the research industry, and of various research methodologies linked to the collection of primary and secondary data.

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Unit 4 - Stakeholder Marketing

  • The importance of stakeholders in the marketing process
  • Stakeholder relationship marketing
  • Utilising the marketing mix to support stakeholder relationships
  • Communicating with stakeholders

The focus of this unit is to recognise the nature and scope of an organisation’s diverse range of stakeholders (of which customers are part) and their relative importance to the marketing process and the market oriented organisation.

The unit considers how to manage stakeholder relationships effectively, in terms of utilising a marketing mix that influences and satisfies stakeholder needs in line with the organisation’s business and marketing objectives.

There is a particular emphasis on developing approaches to communicating effectively with stakeholders based upon their relative importance and interest in the organisation, coordinated for maximum influence and effect.

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