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Pre-Master’s Courses

London School of Business & Finance offers three pre-master’s courses that give students the opportunity to boost their confidence, strengthen their academic and soft skills, and build an understanding of the British educational system and methods. Graduates will also be able to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to progress onto the postgraduate programme of their choice.

The focused and intensive Pre-sessional English programme represent an alternative route to your MBA or Master’s if you:

  • are an international student, and your qualification is not equivalent to a British degree or you have never studied in the UK before
  • are not confident with your English skills or your score is slightly lower than the postgraduate entry requirements
  • have not met the minimum academic requirements with your undergraduate degree (less than 2:2)
  • did not study a business-related subject in your undergraduate degree
  • only marginally meet minimum entry requirements and need to strengthen your application after advice from the LSBF admissions board

The Pre-sessional English course refines your English skills to the standard you need to enter and succeed at postgraduate studies. As well as improving your overall level of communication in an academic context, it familiarises you with technical terms you are likely to encounter during your studies.


The pre-master's programmes act as bridging courses before starting one of our business-related postgraduate degrees, including:

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