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Kenneth Sule-Ejeh

United Kingdom
MBA Graduate, Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase

"Combining the two courses is more time-efficient and is the best combination for anyone who really wants to make a difference in their field."

Job Offer Guarantee*

As part of the comprehensive, career-focused Postgraduate 360° Programme, LSBF is thrilled to offers its students a job offer*, valid for six months after you've graduated. In those six months, your dedicated recruitment consultant will provide all the assistance they can to help you secure employment, as well as giving you access to LSBF's network of global corporate clients and partners. As a part of the Postgraduate 360° Programme, not only will you graduate with a globally recognised and respected Professional Qualification and a postgraduate degree, but you will also work very closely with our Careers Department to convert your education into the career of your choice. You will receive expert advice on composing a CV, interview techniques, networking, writing cover letters and everything else you may need to consider when searching for employment.

Complementing your degree, your professional qualification, and a series of career-focused sessions with our Careers Department, the LSBF Executive Development Programme will equip you with the soft skills that employers everywhere are looking for. You will acquire communication, problem solving, critical thinking, presentation and teamwork skills, making you a desirable candidate in today's competitive global economy.

In the unlikely event that, having followed the full programme and abided by the Terms and Conditions, you do not manage to secure employment in the six months following your graduation, you will be eligible for a £2,500 money-back payment**.

In order to secure a place on this career-focused pathway, your application must be approved by our Careers Department, and it must also meet the entry criteria for your chosen degree and professional programmes. To qualify for the job offer guarantee*, you must be in the top 70% of your class, at postgraduate level. For more information, please contact us.

Important Information, Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions apply. Some students may not qualify for the Job Offer Guarantee Scheme.  The job offer guarantee is solely provided by London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), and has no connection with any other academic partner. Please note that the offer guarantee does not assure a particular role, employer, salary or location.  The offer can be in the area of their studies in the UK or overseas. ** The guarantee constitutes of a refund of £2500 (to be made within 21 days of claim) from course fees actually paid and will be made to students who satisfy the requirements as specified in these terms and conditions, and who have not been offered any paid position. For the avoidance of doubt, if a student is offered a paid position and fails to accept it for whatever reason, any entitlement under the scheme will be forfeited.
Please visit the terms & conditions page for more information.

London School of Business and Finance

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“The core modules…gave me the necessary skills to take on a more senior role in a company”

Maada Sama Foray
MBA Graduate
Sierra Leone

“Doing an MBA gives you lifelong benefits. The skills you learn will increase your employability and most importantly, make you stand out from other candidates”

Kenneth Sule-Ejeh
Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase
MBA Graduate
United Kingdom