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Kenneth Sule-Ejeh

United Kingdom
MBA Graduate, Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase

"Combining the two courses is more time-efficient and is the best combination for anyone who really wants to make a difference in their field."

The Postgraduate 360° Programme (International Business):

Opening the door to your future career in International Business

International business is an incredibly exciting field, and we can help you thrive in it! Our Postgraduate 360° Programme blends the academic knowledge, practical business skills and individual careers training that will set you apart in the jobs market.  Equipped with a detailed insight into different economies and business cultures, you’ll become highly valued and enjoy regular travel as part of your role.

The programme consists of the following parts:

By studying a globally recognised professional qualification and an internationally respected postgraduate degree, you’ll gain advanced business knowledge and skills. The Executive Development Programme includes guidance from your own dedicated recruitment consultant and access to our network of global corporate contacts. It will also help you to develop your soft skills, enabling you to apply for top roles with confidence.

We are so confident in the quality of our Postgraduate 360° Programme that we guarantee* you’ll find a job offer within six months.

How does it work?

Depending upon your career objectives, you will select one programme from each of the groups below. Our Careers Department and programme advisors will offer you expert advice on which programmes correspond to your career goals.

Postgraduate Degree
You'll select one from the following
Professional Qualification
You'll select one from the following
Executive Development
Master in International Business (MIB) ACCA Executive Development Programme in International Business
Global MBA** CIMA  
MSc Strategic Marketing** CIM  
MSc Finance and Investment**    
GGSB MSc in Finance    

The Careers Department will also outline potential career paths for you. The examples roles below are some of the most desirable in international business, but represent just a fraction of those available.


International Marketing Manager

MIB (Master in International Business) + CIM + Executive Development Programme in International Business

As more and more companies expand overseas, the need for effective global marketing is growing. Using first-rate organisation skills, and a strong ability to lead, you will oversee the international marketing efforts of an entire organisation. Enjoy a challenging and rewarding career with great prospects, managing and directing global or regional campaigns, as well as arranging and leading product launches. Depending upon how an organisation is structured, you may be assigned the overall marketing responsibility for a specific region, or a particular product line.

With the opportunity to travel overseas, and to increase your global corporate network, you will work hard to identify and capitalise upon profitable marketing opportunities overseas, and endeavour to track sales in existing markets, in order to plan any potential expansion to increase sales and profits. As a leading member of the marketing team, you will use your strong knowledge of sales and marketing in a global environment to create world-class campaigns.

International Business Development Director

Global MBA** (Global Business) + CIM + Executive Development Programme in International Business

Choose a demanding career where you'll lead key projects, and offer direction and help to build a business through the attainment and upholding of vital international customer accounts. With a chance to travel overseas, you will network with clients from all over the world, allowing you to identify and capitalise on lucrative business opportunities. You will also prepare and deliver presentations to clients, building credibility, and earning their trust. Through your detailed knowledge of business, you will deliver important information about product developments.

Demonstrating strong leadership, you will potentially plan and execute the planning and structuring of call centre teams, and claims handlers all over the world – offering you the chance to increase your global corporate network.

International Finance Manager

GGSB MSc in Finance + ACCA + Executive Development Programme in International Business

Leading key projects, your role as International Finance Manager will be to take full charge of the development of dynamic finance teams. You'll also oversee the delivery of timely and accurate financial and management reports, balancing this with the integration of these teams in particular regions.

You are likely to travel with this role, offering you the chance to expand your corporate network, as you meet key individuals from all over the world.

Important Information, Terms & Conditions

*Terms and conditions apply. Some students may not qualify for the job offer guarantee scheme. The job offer guarantee is solely provided by London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), and has no connection with any other academic partner. Please note that the offer guarantee does not assure a particular role, employer, salary or location.The offer will be in the area studied by the student but there is no guarantee that it will be in the UK. Therefore, the job offer can be in either the UK or overseas, depending on visa restrictions

**Subject to review and validation

London School of Business and Finance

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“I apply the skills I learned at LSBF on a daily basis. They equipped me to function in a global/international environment”

Sumit Ahuja
Equities Derivatives Analyst, Citi Group
MA in Finance and Investment Graduate

“Studying overseas at LSBF was the challenge I needed that gave me the chance to be reminded of my own capabilities”

Naz Büke Günay
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