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Kenneth Sule-Ejeh

United Kingdom
MBA Graduate, Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase

"Combining the two courses is more time-efficient and is the best combination for anyone who really wants to make a difference in their field."

The Postgraduate 360° Programme (Financial Services):

Opening the door to your future career in Financial Services

Our Postgraduate 360° Programme will guide you to success in the dynamic financial services industry. You’ll develop a potent combination of business knowledge, practical skills and soft skills. This will give you a competitive edge, enabling you to join the true business elite and command a lucrative salary.

This innovative programme consists of the following components:

You'll gain a real advantage in a highly competitive jobs market; studying towards a postgraduate degree and a globally recognised professional qualification. Both courses will be taught by industry experienced professors and lecturers, in the heart of Europe's business capital, London.

As part of our Executive Development Programme, you'll be assigned your own recruitment consultant and receive invaluable careers advice. We’ll use of all our resources, including our network of global corporate partners, to guarantee* you a Job Offer when you graduate. You’ll also benefit from studying alongside individuals from more than 150 countries, significantly broadening your cultural horizons.

How does it work?

The course options below are those which provide the best preparation for a career in finance. Simply choose one programme from each of the following groups, based upon your career aspirations. The result will be a tailored combination of qualifications that will pave the way for your ideal career in finance. LSBF Career Services will offer you support and advice in making your decision.

Postgraduate Degree
You'll select one from the following
Professional Qualification
You'll select one from the following
Executive Development Programme
MSc Finance and Investment** CFA ® Executive Development Programme in Financial Services
GGSB MSc in Finance CIMA  
Global MBA**    
Master in International Business (MIB)    

To highlight some potential career paths for you, below are some example job roles. These are some of the most sought after, fast-paced roles in the industry. As an LSBF student, this is just a small selection of the countless opportunities in finance open to you.


Financial Risk Analyst/Manager

Global MBA** (Risk Management) + CFA® + Executive Development Programme in Financial Services

As a Financial Risk Analyst, you will occupy a highly respected position, responsible for identifying and addressing areas of potential risk to assets, earning capacity, and the overall success of a business. Often referred to as Financial Risk Manager, the role involves a great deal of responsibility, and you will be accountable for predicting change, forecasting costs and foreseeing any trends that could impact on a business. This role will offer the opportunity to specialise in a variety of areas including trading, marketing, and financial services.

Financial Trader

Global MBA** (Financial Management) + CFA® + Executive Development Programme in Financial Services

There are three types of trader: proprietary, flow, and sales. All three are integral positions, involving a great deal of responsibility. Enjoy a demanding profession where you will be responsible for buying and selling financial products on behalf of important clients. These products typically include securities, commodities, and shares, and you will be in control of creating prices, and executing trades on behalf of the bank - to maximise assets and minimise financial risk.

You will demonstrate a genuine flair for buying low and selling high, a talent you will derive from first-class analytical skills, extensive experience, and a strong ability to identify and capitalise on overvalued, and undervalued pricing.

Corporate Financier/Investment Banker

MSc Finance & Investment** + CFA® + Executive Development Programme in Financial Services

As a Corporate Financier/ Investment Banker, you'll take leadership over key projects; offering a full range of financial services to companies, institutions and governments. Take complete control of administering corporate, strategic, and financial opportunities, including mergers & acquisitions. You will also have the important responsibility of overseeing key activities, including the issuing of bonds and shares, an activity which is central to the growth of any major organisation.

Private Wealth Management Associate Level

GGSB MSc in Finance + CFA® + Executive Development Programme in Financial Services

Choose a highly rewarding career, handling top clients, to help them manage their finances as efficiently as possible. With a wide range of responsibilities, you will be accountable for the planning of major financial accounts, while working on key investment management projects. As part of this this highly dynamic role, you may also be called upon to offer your expert guidance on tax, pensions, inheritance, and family trusts.

With the opportunity to travel with your work, you will meet and network with important business people from all over the world.

Investment or Institutional Fund Manager

MSc Finance & Investment** + CFA® + Executive Development Programme in Financial Services

As an Investment Fund Manager, you'll form an integral function for any business. Your primary role will be to lead the growth of your client's return on investment, achieving this through the comprehensive management of their investment in shares, bonds, and any purchased assets such as property currency or gold markets.

You will typically work for large organisations such as pension funds or insurance companies, where the level of investment is high. As a result, you'll have a great deal of responsibility to shareholders. In this highly challenging career, your achievements will be richly rewarded.

Important Information, Terms & Conditions

*Terms and conditions apply. Some students may not qualify for the job offer guarantee scheme. The job offer guarantee is solely provided by London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), and has no connection with any other academic partner. Please note that the offer guarantee does not assure a particular role, employer, salary or location.
The offer will be in the area studied by the student but there is no guarantee that it will be in the UK. Therefore, the job offer can be in either the UK or overseas, depending on visa restrictions

**Subject to review and validation

London School of Business and Finance

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“Studying at LSBF equipped me with the necessary management and strategic skills that open up more opportunities for promotion.”

Kenneth Sule-Ejeh
Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase
MBA Graduate
United Kingdom