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Kenneth Sule-Ejeh

United Kingdom
MBA Graduate, Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase

"Combining the two courses is more time-efficient and is the best combination for anyone who really wants to make a difference in their field."

The Postgraduate 360° Programme (Accounting):

Opening the door to your future career in Accounting

Begin a lucrative career in accounting; enrol onto our Postgraduate 360° Programme. Set yourself apart with a combination of in-depth theoretical knowledge, real-life accountancy skills and invaluable soft business skills. 

The Postgraduate 360° Programme comprises:

Gaining both a postgraduate degree and a professional accountancy qualification will make you stand out in a competitive jobs market. It will also supply you with the accountancy knowledge and the varied skills set required to succeed in this dynamic field.

Your Executive Development Programme will then polish your soft skills, moulding you into a highly desirable candidate. Throughout your course, you’ll benefit from studying with students from more 150 different countries, substantially widening your cultural horizons and networking opportunities.

The course goes further than any other degree, using our network of global corporate partners to guarantee* you a job offer after graduation.

How does it work?

Simply select one course from each of the following groups, tailoring your programme to suit your career aspirations. Your recruitment consultant will be able to supply you with expert advice on this matter, should you need it.

Postgraduate Degree
You'll select one from the following
Professional Qualification
You'll select one from the following
Executive Development
Global MBA** ACCA Executive Development Programme in Accounting
Master in International Business (MIB)    
MSc Finance and Investment**    
GGSB MSc in Finance    

Studying on this programme will potentially lead you into a career like those below. Please take a look at these example roles to get an idea of what working in accountancy is like.


Associate – Assurance

Global MBA** (Financial Management) + ACCA + Executive Development Programme in Accounting

As Associate in assurance, you'll use your extensive knowledge of finance to help drive a business forward, through ensuring that it is well positioned in line with key government regulations. You will have a good insight into the inner workings of an organisation, enabling you to review its finances and procedures. As a result, you will ensure that shareholder investment is used effectively. In this highly respected position, you will provide shareholders with the information they need to make an educated decision on whether to invest.

Senior Chartered Financial Accountant

MSc Finance and Investment** + ACCA + Executive Development Programme in Accounting

As a Chartered Financial Accountant, you will be greatly responsible for overseeing the financial management of a successful organisation. Undertaking a wide range of responsibilities, from treasury management and cash flow reporting, through to purchasing and integrating a new business, the structure of your team will greatly depend upon the overall make-up and size of an organisation. As a senior accountant, you will have a valuable insight into the winner workings of an international organisation-particularly its finances.

Your projects are likely to vary, and so you will need to be agile and adaptable. With this dynamic position, you are likely to work in all fields of business and finance, engaged either in public practice work, or within the private sector. Government agencies also employ financial accountants, and so you will have the chance to help improve local regions.

Senior Management Accountant, Finance Director

Global MBA** (Financial Management) + ACCA + Executive Development Programme in Accounting

As a Senior Management Accountant, you will play an indispensable role in planning, business strategy, integrated management, and vital financial analysis within a company. Your extensive knowledge of accounts will help you to make a difference, and to drive a business forward through careful preparation.

Responsible for overseeing the work of an accounts team, you will have the chance to work in both the private and public sectors, and to benefit from the unique opportunity to use your initiative and knowledge to create 'what if' scenarios, profitability and margin analysis and forecasts. Offering great job satisfaction, this role will require you to monitor the overall financial performance of a leading organisation.

Important Information, Terms & Conditions

*Terms and conditions apply. Some students may not qualify for the job offer guarantee scheme. The job offer guarantee is solely provided by London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), and has no connection with any other academic partner. Please note that the offer guarantee does not assure a particular role, employer, salary or location.
The offer will be in the area studied by the student but there is no guarantee that it will be in the UK. Therefore, the job offer can be in either the UK or overseas, depending on visa restrictions

**programmes subject to approval of association and programmes of study

London School of Business and Finance

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"I chose LSBF, not only for the high academic standards and the quality of the lecturers, but also because London is the centre of business and offers diversity and internationalism"

Raunaq Zaidi
Associate, State Bank of India
MBA Graduate

“I was sure that studying at LSBF would give me the skills and qualifications required to succeed in my career”

Sami Mathlouthi
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