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Kenneth Sule-Ejeh

United Kingdom
MBA Graduate, Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase

"Combining the two courses is more time-efficient and is the best combination for anyone who really wants to make a difference in their field."

Finance Dual Programmes

Add invaluable practical skills and a professional qualification to the advanced financial knowledge gained through a finance degree. Securing an ACCA, CIMA or CFA® qualification and a finance postgraduate degree will set you apart as someone who really understands the world of finance.

Qualification: Postgraduate degree + Professional qualification
Duration: Depends on course chosen
Start dates:

Depends on course chosen

Campus available: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Online
Fees: Click for fees

Entry requirements depend on the course chosen. Please refer to degree pages for entry requirements.

Dual Programmes from LSBF offer a unique opportunity to study your Master's degree alongside a recognised professional qualification. A pioneering approach to business education, the Dual Programmes offer you an unrivalled blend of academic excellence and tangible workplace skills, giving you a competitive edge and enabling you to excel at senior levels.

At LSBF we're committed to developing programmes that provide students with a combination of theoretical and practical learning. We work closely with our network of corporate and educational partners to ensure that our programmes reflect the needs of modern business and that you graduate with a skill set that modern employers are keen to attract.

You can combine your finance degree with a range of professional qualifications including the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) qualification, adding a professional context to your postgraduate degree. While your finance degree will give you a firm grasp of the core concepts of modern international finance, a professional finance qualification will develop your practical skills. Following a Dual Programme will raise your profile with a wide range of employers and help you progress your career to the next level more quickly.

Which Dual Programmes does LSBF offer?

Finance Master’s + ACCA

The global body for professional accounts accountants, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification is a globally recognised qualification and a powerful tool in your career development. LSBF holds Gold status as a provider of the ACCA qualification and combined with your finance degree it offers a strong combination of business theory and practical financial skills.

Finance Master’s + CIMA

LSBF is perfectly placed to offer the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) alongside your finance degree. This Dual Programme route offers a comprehensive financial base of theoretical and practical learning.

CIMA prides itself on the commercial relevance of its syllabus, which is continually enhanced to reflect the latest business developments. The qualification is based on three core pillars: Enterprise pillar, performance pillar and financial pillar and as a management – focussed qualification; it complements the academic development of your finance degree.

Finance Master’s + CFA®

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) qualification is regarded as the benchmark of quality in the global investment community.

Coupled with your finance degree from LSBF, this Dual Programme route provides a potent combination of an internationally respected academic degree with a professional qualification that will open up a broader range of potential employment opportunities.

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“The programme was designed with a global approach and focused on finance in an international environment”

Sumit Ahuja
Equities Derivatives Analyst, Citi Group
MA in Finance and Investment Graduate

“Combining the two courses is more time-efficient and is the best combination for anyone who really wants to make a difference in their field”

Kenneth Sule-Ejeh
Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase
MBA Graduate
United Kingdom