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Short Individual Courses

Our short courses cover a wide range of topics, allowing you to build new skills or improve areas that need strengthening.

Each course covers a very specific element of either finance and accounting or marketing and management, allowing you to focus your professional development exactly where you need it.

These programmes can also count towards your CPD UK requirements.


Finance, Accounting and Financial Modelling

• Intensive 1 week courses or ongoing 12 week courses within individual subject areas

• London campus (some courses also available online)

• £990 - £1,200 fees per course


Management and Marketing

• Intensive courses from under 1 week ranging to 12 weeks, within individual subject areas

• London campus (some courses also available online)

• From £990 per course



Postgraduate Certificate Programmes

• A combination of 4 or 5 short courses into a comprehensive programme

• Efficient and practical alternative to a postgraduate degree



Finance and Management

Financial Investments

Brand Management

Digital Marketing

Advertising and Marketing


Short Course Combinations

• A combination of 2 or 3 short courses for a specific purpose

• Encourage optimal knowledge-transfer between the courses.

Financial Modelling

Trading and Analysis

Marketing Management

Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Corporate Valuation

Online Study Options

A large selection of individual short courses can be taken online, powered by the InterActive learning platform. These are delivered by our trusted LSBF faculty and allow for complete timetable flexibility.

Courses offered may vary, click here to find out more.
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