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Management Development Programme (MDP)

Qualification: Professional Development Programme
Duration: 4 weeks, full-day study
Campus: London
Intake Dates: February
Timetables: Click here for timetables
Tuition Fees: 2014
£2,200 UK/EU applicants
£2,390 Overseas applicants
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The Management Development Programme (MDP) is designed to be an intensive MBA-style programme with case study analysis and both group and individual presentations being encouraged.

The programme is ideal for executives early on in their career, or those switching careers, and who want to gain the tools to tackle a wide range of challenges.

Course Structure

Below you will find a list of modules (short courses) which will comprise your full 4 week MDP programme.

Business Strategy
Marketing Planning and Strategy
International Business and New Ventures
Effective Management Techniques
Entry Requirements
  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification in any study field, or a relevant professional qualification
  • A minimum of 3 years relevant work experience
  • Professionals and mature students without a degree and a minimum of 5 years work experience may apply subject to LSBF's discretion or an application interview
  • Non-native English speakers should be proficient in English and ideally show evidence by providing an International English language certificate (IELTS, Cambridge, Michigan, etc), or evidence of prior studies and work in English speaking environments
Individual Short Courses

All the modules of the MDP can be taken individually, as well as a wide range of other courses available within the LSBF Executive Education portfolio.

Click here to see our full range of individual short courses.

Business Strategy

As the backbone of any business, strategy gives an organisation direction and outlines its plan for success against competitors. This course examines how to form effective business strategies, and the issues surrounding their implementation. You will be equipped to create high quality business strategies through the latest business insights and freshest perspectives.

Programme focus
Business Analysis
Competitive Strategy
Strategic Management

Key Benefits:

  • Recognise the importance of the strategic process within organisations
  • Learn how to create and implement effective strategy
  • Learn from case studies on some of the leading corporate organisations in business with award winning strategy
  • Be able to perform analysis across a range of organisations, industries and problem areas
  • Gain the skills to devise and implement a corporate level strategy within an organisation

Who is the module for?
This course is ideal if you want to create innovative and impactful strategy. It is beneficial if you are a new manager, an executive looking to effectively implement strategy or simply interested in the strategic elements of business.

Marketing Planning and Strategy

This course offers a full introduction to digital marketing, as well as exploring practices and techniques such as search engine optimisation and the use of social media. You will develop the skills to implement marketing strategies using new age media and digital tools. Through practical assessments and a hands-on approach, the course equips you with the skills required for marketing in the 21st century. You will be able to win customers within multi-channel markets using these skills.

Programme focus
Modern Media
Implementation of modern digital marketing models
Digital Channels in the 21st Century

Key Benefits

  • A comprehensive understanding of the overall function of marketing within a business
  • A solid overview of the considerations to be taken into account when developing a marketing plan
  • The ability to see longer-term impacts of campaigns on the business as a whole

Who is the module for?
This course is ideal if you want to develop highly desirable marketing skills. It will prepare you for managing the marketing operations of a business.

International Business and New Ventures

This course explores the opportunities and risks that exist in launching a business abroad. You will learn about new markets, new business models, regional taxation, legislation and cross-cultural barriers. Through the use of case studies, you will gain an understanding of the practical issues involved in entering foreign markets, as well as the complexities and challenges of global expansion.

Programme focus
International Business
Cross Cultural Management

Key benefits:

  • Gain a deeper understanding on the impact of globalisation and its effects on trading
  • Develop the skills to draw up a strategies for expanding business ventures overseas
  • Improved knowledge on how to effectively work with different cultures in global business environments.
  • Grow your understanding of international negotiation and your confidence in trading on an international stage

Who is the module for?
This course is ideal if you are interested in international business or want to expand your knowledge of global trading. It offers up-to-date knowledge on setting up a new venture overseas.

Effective Management Techniques

This course is designed to equip learners with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to understand strategic planning and the current thinking on leadership. It covers a number of aspects of management and leadership that assists participants in their learning and develops a competitive advantage for future leaders and managers.

Programme focus
Strategic Management
Change Management

Key benefits:

  • Strong focus on the aspects of people management and the relationship between staff and leaders.
  • Modern and forward thinking approach that equips you for managing and leading through some of the challenging and complex situations of the 21st century
  • Includes technology management
  • Condensed programme into 5 days suitable to manage around work or other studies
  • Case studies and group exercises including various teaching methods

Who is the module for?
This course is ideal if you want to develop your management skills or have an interest in the practical elements of management and leadership. It will prepare you to take on new management or leadership roles.


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