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LSBF Careers Service is aware that employers come in all different shapes and sizes, and that each employer has different organisational and business needs. LSBF Career Services are here to support you and help you to shape your internship so that it can benefit your organisation as much as possible.

We can help find the right intern for you, whether you need an MBA student to help you on a consulting project; an undergraduate student to help with your customer services; or a part qualified ACCA student to assist your finance teams.

The key to developing a successful internship is to think about the following:

  • What you need the LSBF student to do. This could be a task requiring specialist knowledge or skills that are not currently present within your organisation
  • The objectives of the job; try to be as transparent as possible
  • State your needs upfront with Careers Service, or post your internships or project on our Job Board

Remember, the internships you offer our students should provide a genuine work experience opportunity, allowing them to enhance their employability and career prospects, as well as offering clear benefits to your business.

The LSBF Careers Team is here to support you in recruiting the ideal intern, whatever length of internship suits your business.

Please contact Mohammed Rahman at careers@lsbf.org.uk for further information.

Contact details

Business Development & Placements Executive:
Mohammed Rahman
Tel: 0207 8232303
Email: careers@lsbf.org.uk

BLT – Don Leslie company presentation

"The workshop helped to know the opportunities in consultancy industry & gave an idea about how to tackle the job application process."

Priyanka George
MBA Student