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Aaron Etingen

Aaron Etingen

An entrepreneur with a passion for expanding access to education, Aaron Etingen founded the London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) in 2003 after successful careers in international real estate investment and as a financial analyst and financial director in investment banking.
Under his leadership, LSBF has grown quickly to become a leading business school and is now one of very few private higher education institutions to hold a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, one of the UK’s highest and most prestigious business accolades.

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LSBF Blog Staff

The official profile of the World's Business School.

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Paul Merison

Paul Merison

Paul Merison is LSBF’s director of ACCA studies and brings to the institution over 17 years of experience in the industry. Paul was named Accountancy Lecturer of the Year at the 2013 PQ Awards.

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Prof Maurits van Rooijen

Prof Maurits van Rooijen

With a career spanning 25 years as an international educator and pioneer in the globalisation of education, Professor Maurits Van Rooijen is an economic historian and the CEO and Rector of LSBF.

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Rob Sowerby

Rob Sowerby has taught professional and masters courses for over 20 years, in both London and throughout the world. He has gained an excellent reputation for his accessible, entertaining and motivational tuition. Rob formerly worked in industry as a management accountant and financial analyst, and has been the director of the Professional School for the past four years.

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Francis Braganza

A lecturer, entrepreneur and published academic, Francis Braganza has co-founded two professional training institutions. He has taught financial analysis, accounting and reporting for more than 30 years, earning Lecturer of the Year and Lifetime Achievement awards from PQ Magazine.

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Anisa Choudhary

Anisa Choudhary

Anisa is a politics and international relations graduate, and reports on the latest news stories regarding finance, the economy, and education.

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Emma Felton

Emma Felton is a Business Development and Placements Executive who writes for Global Matters on employment, education and career affairs.

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Vitaly Klopot

Vitaly Klopot is the Chief Operating Officer of Study InterActive, the official online learning partner of LSBF.

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Jonathan Price

Jonathan Price

Jonathan Price, Associate Lecturer at LSBF, holds degrees in Law (from Cambridge University) and EU Law (from the Université Libre de Bruxelles).
After being called to the bar in 1981, he studied Accounting & Finance and practised as an investment banker for 25 years. In 2011, he was appointed a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

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Dr. Steve Priddy

Dr Steve Priddy, Head of research at LSBF, offers nearly 30 years of top level experience in accountancy and is a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA). He also has a PhD from one of the UK’s foremost universities, Birkbeck College, as well as being a Chartered Manager of the Chartered Management Institute.

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Nadim Choudhury

Nadim Choudhury, Head of Career Services and Employability at LSBF, is not only an expert on social media, but also a respected commentator on MBA courses and graduate employability. He often shares his expertise at large careers events and contributes to national newspapers, including The Guardian, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph.

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Sahar Ata

Sahar Ata is an Associate Lecturer at LSBF and a seasoned expert in Islamic Banking with over 20 years banking experience.

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