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Market Research Society

Market Research Society

MRS is the world’s leading association for research and business intelligence, providing training and qualifications across the research, insight, analytics and marketing sciences sector. They are accepted by all the international agencies and recognised and used by the UK government, clients and universities around the world. With over 2000 professionals taking part in our professional development programme every year, MRS has propelled the careers and skills of research and business leaders, insights professionals and marketers.

Jane Frost, CEO of MRS, said: “Our members deserve the best, and LSBF is one of the world’s leading business schools. We know through talking to the sector that career development is a real priority for research businesses, and this is just the latest in a series of partnerships that give members the tools and skills that they, their organisations, and their clients are calling out for.”

MRS has endorsed the following LSBF Executive Education courses and programmes;

We look forward to welcoming MRS members on these and other programmes at our 30 Holborn Executive Education campus.

Please note that Executive Education courses are CPD accredited.

MRS Qualifications

Every year over 500 people from over 40 countries demonstrate their commitment to developing their research knowledge and skills by studying for an MRS Qualification. Our leading sector qualifications range from the MRS Certificate to the MRS Diploma in Market and Social Research Practice. Our qualifications have been designed to champion and promote standards. In a research world hungry for excellence and expertise, MRS qualifications represent the highest level of achievement.

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MRS Training

MRS is the world leading provider of training, with recognised practical, off the shelf and bespoke training solutions. Which can be delivered face to face, in-house and online, across the research, insight, analytics and marketing sciences sector. The learning and development programme provides you wish a comprehensive range of courses that give you everything you  need to meet the latest methodological, commercial and leadership challenges.

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